About Us

Well, hey there. Glad we’re getting to know each other better. This is the part where we get to tell you how awesome our team is—so let’s get to the good stuff.

At LYYDIA, we prioritize being hard working, creative, and passionate professionals. We have over 10 years of experience photographing churches and nonprofit organizations. These range from small events (under 40 people) to large multi-campus churches (6000+) in rural and urban settings. We also have experience working with nonprofits and groups for unique projects capturing images for multi-day events, storytelling projects, and donor engagement resources.

Not only do we have the technical experience to take quality photos, we also have personal experience working on church and nonprofit communication teams. This means we know what kinds of photos are typically needed and how the photos can be used. When working with us, you can be confident you will receive quality photos that meet your project needs.


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