Brookside Initiative

Each year, College Park Church in Indianapolis, Indiana participates in a Christmas offering supporting global and local projects. One of these projects is the Brookside Initiative. Brookside is a neighborhood located in northeast Indianapolis. In the past, high crime and limited resources greatly impacted the community members; however, God’s generosity shown through the financial donations of College Park Church has provided the ability to invest in this neighborhood. These investments have come in the form of providing resources for local companies, creating safe and affordable housing, contributing to scholarships for local private schooling, and much more.

In 2016, our team had the opportunity to highlight the progress that had been made and the areas that still needed more or new investment. We walked the Brookside neighborhood, capturing homes, schools, and streets. We wanted to showcase the big and small, the progress and the areas in need. Our images were used to tell the story of this neighborhood. We were honored to provide a collection of photos that could be used for this kind of marketing and fundraising, and to encourage church members and nonprofit partners to donate toward a gospel-centered cause. The 2016 Christmas offering raised over $1,000,000 to continue transforming the lives of the families in this community. We were so excited to participate in this life-changing endeavor.


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