College Park Church

We love having long term partnerships with our clients. One client in particular, College Park Church, has worked with us for over seven years. We’ve photographed almost every church event imaginable – church services, prayer meetings, worship nights, small groups, childrens’ ministries, membership nights, Awana, membership classes, service events (you get it—we’ve been at A LOT of events). We’ve also had the unique privilege of photographing weekend conferences with speakers such as John Piper, Mark Denver, Collin Hansen, and DA Carson. Beyond events, we’ve updated College Park’s website with staff and elder headshots, and provided photos of construction progress for fundraising and project updates. These opportunities have ranged from small groups of people (less than 20) to thousands of attendees. The photos we take are then used for marketing materials, annual reports, websites, social media, environmental displays, and artwork throughout the church. We are proud of the partnerships we have built and happy to provide consistent quality photos.


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