TeenPact National Convention 2017

National Convention is the key summer event for TeenPact Leadership Schools. This event brings together high school students with varying backgrounds from across the nation. Located at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, it is an unforgettable week of speakers, small group discussions, wholehearted worship, sports, games, memory-making, and fun. We had the opportunity to highlight people as they experienced energy, joy, excitement, passion, and a renewed focus. We loved seeing the faces of these teens as they encountered God in so many different ways! This was a large event, with around 900 people including the teens, parents, and staff. While we were there, we provided full event coverage over the course of six days. We also delivered live images for their social media and blog team, and prepared twice daily photo slideshows which ran before sessions. We loved capturing these moments because they highlighted a week spent pouring into the lives of teens, and the impact God was making on their lives.


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